About Arrow Consultation Services, Inc.

Supporting individuals with disabilities to overcome barriers and discover personal empowerment.

Our Mission

Arrow Consultation’s mission is to provide residential and support services to persons with disabilities. These services shall help to create opportunities and choices for individuals, families, and communities.

Arrow, Inc. shall endeavor to provide a home-like environment and support services to assist individuals to overcome barriers that limit full participation in all living situations.
Arrow, Inc. shall strive to provide individuals with the skills necessary to discover their communities through participation and to discover personal empowerment through the recognition of their own dignity, health and safety, and right of choice.
Arrow, Inc.'s services are provided with the highest level of quality, empathy for the population served, and a commitment to the preservation of individual choice. Through responsiveness to individual needs, dedication to advocacy and the provision of tools for personal growth and independence, Arrow, Inc. shall assist persons with disabilities to achieve (a) valued position in their communities.

Meet Our Team

Tonja Green

Program Director

"I believe that it is our passion for our roles in the lives of others that helps create the best outcomes and the realization of dreams."

As Program Director, I am responsible for ensuring quality service delivery to persons served. I focus on program development and function as a liason. As the QA/QI Supervisor, I am responsible for reviewing data to identify individual and systemic trends, and performing reviews of service to ensure satisfaction.

I have more than 31 years of professional experience working with people with disabilities. Prior to joining Arrow Consultation Services as Program Director, I was employed as a Case Manager for the state of Indiana. I earned a Bachelor’s Degree from Indiana University and my educational background is in Elementary Education.

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Angela Herring

HR Assistant

"Helping our staff to succeed is the best way to ensure the success of the individuals and families we serve!"

As the HR Assistant, I work with administration to operationalize the objectives of the HR Department and to ensure alignment with agency initiatives. The HR Department's focus is on staff recruitment and retention, benefits management, training and development, compliance, and areas of health & safety.

I have been with Arrow Consultation Services for 14 years.

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Lynn Goldsberry

Director of Training & Placement Coordinator (Supported Living/Waiver Supports)

"I feel that my primary goal is to be an advocate: an advocate for my consumer first, an advocate for my staff and fellow co-workers, and an advocate for Arrow. My greatest joy is helping my consumers, staff, and co-workers become the best versions of themselves they can be."

As the Director of Training, I am responsible for Pre-Service training for all new employees in Supported Living homes, In-Home Support environments, and in the Structured Family Caregiving programs. I develop the ongoing In-Service training for all existing employees with an emphasis on consumer choice, dignity, and inclusion. I am certified as a trainer in Therapeutic Options and provide annual non-violent crisis management training to all employees. I am also certified as a CPR/AED and First Aid Instructor through American Safety & Health Institute and provide initial and re-certification trainings to all Arrow employees.

As the Placement Coordinator, I meet with consumers and families interested in seeking waiver services, answer their questions about our agency's services, assist in finding suitable housemate matches, and make recommendations for appropriate placement.

As a Regional Program Manager, I oversee Supported Living homes and In-Home Support homes. My responsibilities include supervision of staff, advocating for the consumer, oversight of goals, risk plans, and behavior support plans, and monitoring of health issues and medications.

I am a graduate of Purdue University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and Sociology. I began my career 30 years ago as a Home Manager for a group home company and later as QIDP serving adults with intellectual disabilities. I have worked for Arrow for the past 24 years, in the role of Regional Program Manager and Placement Coordinator, and most recently as Director of Training.

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Nancy Berto

SFC Certification Specialist, RPM

"My belief is that every individual has freedom of choice as well as the right to be free from abuse and exploitation. I see our role as advocating for those rights while ensuring the safety of persons served. I believe in teamwork and that a team environment fosters the greatest chance for an individual’s safety and success."

My responsibilities are to serve as contact and liaison with person(s) who wishes to become an SFC provider. I assist individuals and families throughout the process and work with them until they have been assigned a Regional Program Manager (RPM). In my own role as RPM, I will set up visits with different homes to help the consumer make the choice that best suits him or her.

During the 32 years that I have worked at Arrow, I have served in a variety of positions including the Structured Family Caregiving (SFC) Certification Specialist and Placement Coordinator.

I graduated from Saint Mary of the Woods College with a degree in Social Work. I have served as a CASA, a volunteer for CODA, and served on the board of directors for CODA (Council on Domestic Abuse). I have also worked with children as a coordinator of Referral and Placement.

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